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The Title IX and Civil Rights Podcast

Dec 1, 2023

Dan Schorr is joined by attorney Margaret Gandy of Alcalaw LLP to discuss recent litigation about whether independent K-12 schools should be subject to Title IX regulations (Episode 109)

Nov 21, 2023

Alyssa-Rae McGinn and Jade Colon are joined by Sports Geographer, tech founder, speaker, and educator Dr. Jen Fry to discuss the impact of conflict in sexual misconduct and discrimination, navigating conflict in investigations, and ways to manage relationships and communicate during these situations (Episode 108)

Nov 13, 2023

Alyssa-Rae McGinn and Madison Bolotin discuss various ways that college student usage of social media and other apps impacts higher education misconduct investigations (Episode 107)

Nov 5, 2023

Alyssa-Rae McGinn and Jenna Farrell discuss the Student Loan Deferment for Sexual Violence Survivors Act, which seeks to establish a student loan deferment option for victims of sexual violence who temporarily withdraw from college to seek treatment and focus on mental and physical health rehabilitation (Episode 106)

Oct 26, 2023

Dan Schorr is joined by Sally Roller from Investigations Law Group to discuss the role of the investigator at Title IX hearings and how investigators, advisors, and hearing officers can best prepare for the investigator's testimony and questioning (Episode 105)