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The Title IX and Civil Rights Podcast

Sep 22, 2023

Dan Schorr and Jade Colon discuss the recent Connecticut Supreme Court decision that allowed a defamation lawsuit to proceed against a Title IX Complainant based on statements made at a University hearing (Episode 102)

Sep 15, 2023

Dan Schorr and Madison Bolotin discuss the Education Department's recent decision to grant a Title IX religious exemption to Baylor University, and what this means for LGBTQ+ students and employees at Baylor and other religious institutions (Episode 101)

Aug 28, 2023

On the 100th episode of The Title IX and Civil Rights Podcast, Dan Schorr and Alyssa-Rae McGinn are joined by Jackie Wernz, partner at Thompson & Horton and former OCR attorney, to discuss the upcoming Title IX regulations, the state of the Title IX field, and much more (Episode 100)

Aug 24, 2023

Dan Schorr and Jenna Farrell discuss the text messages allegedly written by actor Jonah Hill that were publicly disclosed by his ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady, and the various ethical and relationship issues involved (Episode 99)

Aug 10, 2023

Alyssa-Rae McGinn and Dan Schorr are joined by Brittani Williams and Gabriel Montague from The Education Trust to discuss their research on the student parent affordability gap in higher education and government and institutional changes that can alleviate the gap (Episode 98)