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The Title IX and Civil Rights Podcast

Oct 24, 2022

Dan Schorr, Alyssa-Rae McGinn, Jenna Farrell, and Madison Bolotin discuss attending the ATIXA conference in Orlando, what drew them to careers in Title IX and Civil Rights, the pros and cons of camping, and more (Episode 71)

Oct 20, 2022

Alyssa-Rae McGinn is joined by Olivia Harris, Executive Director of Speak About It, to discuss her organization's work educating students about sex, consent, and healthy relationships (Episode 70)

Oct 7, 2022

Dan Schorr and Alyssa-Rae McGinn discuss roadblocks to a prompt Title IX investigation and hearing process and suggest solutions for streamlining and avoiding delays at each step (Episode 69)

Sep 22, 2022

Dan Schorr and Alyssa-Rae McGinn are joined by Mary Ellen Pethel to discuss her new book, "Title IX, Pat Summitt, and Tennessee's Trailblazers: 50 Years, 50 Stories" (Episode 68)

Sep 15, 2022

Dan Schorr and Alyssa-Rae McGinn are joined by Andrew Maraniss to discuss his new book, Inaugural Ballers: The True Story of the First U.S. Women's Olympic Basketball Team (Episode 67)